Tesla updates stores worldwide – prepares for Model X image

Prior to releasing the awaited Model X, its first electric SUV, Tesla Motors Inc. decided to opt for a makeover process for its stores across the Globe.

The reason for that is that the brand is looking to increase its sales of both its current cars and upcoming ones by raising awareness of a type of car which stands a bit for the unknown to most drivers out there.

At the Santa Row shopping center in San Jose, California, Tesla showed new interactive displays with four themes: safety, autopilot features, the electric carmaker’s charging networks and the dual motors powering each axle.

Ricardo Reyes, Tesla’s vice president of communications explained”

“People who buy an electric vehicle go through a very different process than someone buying a car with an internal combustion engine. No one goes into a car dealership and says ‘How does a gas station work?’ But the first questions we get are always about charging.

As Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed the brand’s goal to sell 500,000 cars by 2020, the American automaker has turned to teaching customers about the electric driving for boosting profit. The company’s sales went down in July as Tesla announced a reduction in its target, from 55,000 to 50,000 for this year, with a lot of hope riding on the success of the Model X, a crossover SUV, which was first shown in 2012.


The revamp of the stores includes new oversized photos of the Model S in recently introduced colors, displayed on the store’s walls and big graphics that focus on the previously mentioned four themes. Customers who enter the store can examine a Model S sedan, dual motor chassis and Supercharger.

There are around 200 stores opened by Tesla in North America, Europe and Asia, with the idea that the brand is focused less on selling a product on the spot, and more on allowing its visitors to spend time with the brand. Tesla operates all of its stores and controls messaging, allowing for its marketing materials to be properly translated and communicated in all languages necessary.