Tesla wants ‘Model E’ trademark image

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site, Tesla filed three trademark applications for the name “Model E,” which may indicate the electric company has a new model in the works.

The Aug. 5 applications refer to use of the name in “automobiles and structural parts therefore,” automobile maintenance and repair services, as well as apparel. A status message posted on each of the applications on Aug. 13 notes that they will be assigned to a patent office attorney for examination in about three months.

Last year, talking to a car enthusiast blog, Tesla CEO did indeed suggest the possibility of a Model E vehicle. “There will definitely be more models after the S and X. Maybe an E :),” Musk said back then.

Still, there could be a problem with the moniker, as the name seemed rather interesting to Ford Motor – they filed a lawsuit (which was dissmised) against Model E Corporation, an online automotive startup, alleging that “Model E” is too similar to the company’s historic Model T car in 2000 and Thursday evening Ford spokesman Jay Cooney said the company will review the registration and would have no further comment.