According to billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder, also chief executive officer of the company, Elon Musk told shareholders of the automaker that Tesla’s chief financial officer Deepak Ahuja is retiring this year.

The top executive added the CFO’s departure will not be complete until a proper successor is found, as Ahuja agreed to stay close and help with the query for the fast-rising electric automaker. The company’s annual shareholder meeting was the setting for the unexpected announcement, with Ahuja, formerly a Ford executive, having started work with Tesla early on in its inception – seven years ago – and is the only one to hold the CFO position. “My time at Tesla has been a nonstop adrenaline rush,” commented Ahuja in a statement.

His retirement is also coinciding with the company’s plans to jump into a period of rapid growth and equally fast spending, with Musk forecasting the company would make do on its earlier promises to deliver a yearly growth of around 50 percent over the next period. Musk added the company was at the brink of adding its initial variant of the Autopilot self-driving system on the Model S sedan starting at the end of the month. The program is designed to offer an auto-steering feature, that is possible thanks to radar, cameras, ultrasonic sensors and special software.While holding a presentation at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, the CEO also said the upcoming battery factory being built in Nevada is scheduled to start production by the second half of 2016 and would reach its full output within three or four years.

Via Reuters


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