Tesla’s Co-Founder Sergey Brin’s Model S Sedan Turned Into a Pink Batmobile image

Google staff turned Tesla’s co-founder Sergey Brin’s Model S vehicle into a pink Batmobile.

Although it’s been more than a week since April Fool’s Day, the Google X project division team, which currently work on Google Glass, turned Brin’s electric Model S sedan into a pink Batmobile by wrapping it in pink vinyl, so the changes were not permanent.

The Google X project division is known for its visionary products and ideas and for being responsible for the Google Glass project. What made this prank really special is that the team stepped outside the virtual age and instead of using a software to alter the car’s image or post a misleading story online, they choose to do it old school and modify the car in the real world.

The team wasn’t satisfied with only getting the car pink, they also placed the Bat symbol on the hood, added luscious eyelashes to the headlights, massive rims with the Google Chrome logos and protruding rear bat wings. Brin took the joke in good humor (maybe only because the changes were not permanent) and Corey Tabaka, Google X projects member, posted a photo on Google+ with Brin taking the pink Batmobile out for a spin.