The Palo Alto-based electric automaker has recently revised its bread and butter Model S electric sedan and the updates seem to have had an influence on the Environmental Protection Agency’s newly released ratings.

That’s because the Tesla Model S 90D model has managed to cross the 300-mile threshold – even though for instance the automaker itself had listed the Model S 90D with the internally-estimated maximum range on the highway of 294 miles (473 kilometers). But recently the EPA updated their website and now the reading for the facelifted 90D model stands at 303.2 miles (488 km), with the Model S passing the 300-mile mark for the first time. This is a big improvement for the model – which was listed previously at 270 miles (434.5 km). That rating though was given to the 85-kWh variant because the 90-kWh model hadn’t been tested yet.

Now the dual-motor P90D has also gained some miles – it was initially listed at 253 miles (407 km) by the EPA and now the official rating is of 270 miles (434.5 km). If you’re still unwilling to grasp the concept of the big range electric vehicle, we can tell you the attached image is from Tesla’s official Facebook page and we’re probably looking at a teaser for an upcoming 100-kWh battery option


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