Tesla’s global expansion continues with Taiwan image

The electric car maker is slowly expanding its operations worldwide and the company has just entered into Taiwan.

Tesla has started to lose some pace, as it recently reported slower quarterly deliveries than expected, the second consecutive three-month period when it missed its targets. Therefore, Tesla will likely close 2016 just under its initial 80,000-90,000 projection in terms of annual sales. The company needs to tackle more markets so it can give its delivery numbers a little boost and Taiwan seems to be on its expansion map. According to Electrek, the electric car maker has begun this week to take orders for its Model S in the country’s capital city of Taipei, while it will also open a “pop-up store”, for later on to launch a full-scale store with a service center. However, because of extra taxes and fees, the buyers will have to pay quite a premium price for a Tesla which jumps nearly 50 percent compared to the US. The basic Model S starts from around 93,000 dollars and it goes up to 155,000 dollars.

But the most recent important global expansion for Tesla was the entrance into the world’s largest auto market China, where the company has started to sell the Model X SUV, way sooner than initially intended. Furthermore, Bloomberg reported the company signed a preliminary deal with a Shanghai-based carmaker for building a production facility in the city.

Via Electrek