Tesla’s investors ready to rethink strategy image

The California-based electric automaker ran a very successful initial public offering back in 2010 and investors have been passionate about Tesla’s stock, securing tree digit percentage rises more akin to tech companies such as Google or Apple.

Now, the investors seem to be growing impatient and have adopted a more paced approach to the TSLA stock – sending it last week down significantly to around $226. That’s way lower than October’s peak of $260 and a 52-week high of $291.42. The situation mirrors the evolution of other carmakers but it’s also triggered by a number of special issues at the company. On the other hand, Tesla is massively up from the Detroit three: Ford is lower than $14 after some bad news, GM is around there as well and the first day of trading for recently merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles closed below $9 per share.

On the other hand, Tesla skyrocketed since 2013’s introduction of its first luxury flagship – the Model S sedan.

Today, stock is trading lower because of two important aspects: recent features introduced by CEO Elon Musk failed to stir up the waters – many new features were just playing catch-up to the competition. Then, Musk himself cautioned Tesla shares were “kinda high” (that was before the recent drop) and that could be just his way to prepare the investors for a little bad news. The second model to be introduced in the lineup is the Model X crossover – an SUV that has been postponed yet again from its planned mid-year 2015 launch.