The youngest publicly traded and smallest US automaker, Tesla Motors, is getting ready to expand its lineup from just one product and introduce a model that might play exactly into the mind of consumers – a crossover.

Tesla Motors has made the headlines since its inception – it’s ruled unequivocally by a manager that is best known for his entrepreneurial work and had little experience in the world of autos. Thus the carmaker that only produces battery-electric autos was modeled after the Silicon Valley brethrens – technology companies. It sells just one product – the hot Model S sedan – and does so without the use of the traditional dealership network. Now they are ready to start selling their second product – the Model X crossover. And having an all-electric sport utility vehicle might be exactly what the doctor ordered – US consumers have been snatching crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks in levels not seen before, with passenger cars being demoted to the second tier. And those Holywood stars that love the public’s attention might be happy to indulge in the upcoming Model X – they will have a crossover that is greener than grass.

So, before the model actually rolls out, here’s what we know so far. The most important is the first day of delivery – September 29. The location – the Fremont, California plant. While prices have not been announced yet, CEO Musk was careful to address early complaints – a $5,000 price difference should be expected in respect to a comparable Model S. The limited Signature Series meanwhile goes for $132,000, without factoring in certain options or the federal tax credit, state or local incentives. The estimated EPA range will be of 240 miles on one charge, while 0 to 60 mph is handled in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph. For $10,000 the ludicrous “Ludicrous Mode” is also available for a 60 mph jump in just 3.2 seconds.



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