Tesla’s Musk tweets that Model S “range anxiety” might become obsolete image

In its usual cryptic manner, Tesla Motors co-founder and chief executive officer, the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk once more took the mantle of company PR and sparked interest with a tweet previewing an upcoming announcement.

Yesterday morning Musk took to the popular Tweeter platform to foreshadow an upcoming press conference scheduled for this Thursday in which – allegedly – an over the air software update could “end range anxiety” and would essentially affect the entire Tesla Model S fleet in existence. Besides being vague, the usual 160 characters marker also acted as a deterrent for more details to be revealed – but we just have to wait a few more days and the surprise will be revealed. For now, speculations run long and wide. So, let’s concentrate on the facts we do know. Tesla Motors – as a modern representative of what automakers need to become – is a cross between a technology startup and a traditional carmaker. The company has its highly technological Model S luxury sedans always connected to the Internet over a 3G connection – which also enables the fleet to receive over the air software tweaks, much alike to our Android or iOS smartphones do.

Now, taking the range anxiety part things become more complicated. The term range anxiety has been coined for the people who use electric-only cars as they naturally fear they could run out of electric power without having a socket to plug their car in. It’s one of the main motifs potential buyers immediately shun off the prospect of having a battery-operated car. What the promise means for Tesla’s Model S is anyone’s guess – from an update that actually means they had a tweak to their low-battery warning system to actually increasing the EPA-rated range.

Via Cnet