Tesla’s mysterious “D” will be unveiled today image

The California-based electric automaker’s billionaire entrepreneur chief executive Elon Musk will shed light on the company’s latest “surprise, ” after he launched what has become a media bomb on October 1.

According to the latest rumors and reports from sources, the two unveilings will have to do with technology that should assist drivers from leaving their lane and analysts forecast the additional introduction of an all-wheel drive Model S.

Musk is today “somebody you don’t want to bet against,” said Andrea James, a senior research analyst at Dougherty & Co. “In only 2011, he was an unknown quantity among most of Wall Street. Tesla has battery technology that’s years ahead of the competition,” adds James. “It’s not like Tesla created the physical properties of electricity. Tesla figured out how to harness the naturally disruptive potential of electricity.”

The electric car company’s shares have increased more than 15 times since the Initial Public Offering of the stock, in June 2010. Just a year and a half ago, the trading value was around $40 – but for much of 2014 the shares have hovered in the $200 mark. While there are skeptics among industry observers, many analysts forecast the stock’s price could head north of $325 after the company introduces the Model X crossover and starts producing in 2017 its own Li-Ion battery packs in the US.

Via Bloomberg