US electric automaker Tesla Roadster has taken hold of the upper part of the segment with its luxurious and powerful Model S sedan, but we should remember the company’s first car – the Roadster.

To make sure we don’t forget it at all, the California-based automaker has decided to reintroduce it, three years after it was axed for the company to better focus on the Model S luxury sedan. Besides some other attributes, one of the more important factors that attracted customers to the Tesla vehicles was the superb mileage – for a battery-operated vehicle that is. For example, the Roadster model was capable of traveling up to around 245 miles on a single charge, but there were numerous reports of people that exceeded the count.

Now, the carmaker will reintroduce the Roadster model with an update that includes an upgraded battery pack that is said to offer around two-thirds more mileage – at least 400 miles. The company also added in a blog post it would move to showcase the model’s enhanced capabilities by taking the new Roadster on a journey covering the San Francisco to Los Angeles distance during the first weeks of 2015. Tesla first launched the Roadster model in 2008 and delivered nearly 2,500 units before it was discontinued in January 2012.

Via Reuters


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