Tesla’s top spokesman leaves for Aston Martin image

Simon Sproule came to the rising US electric automaker just six months ago from Japan’s Nissan, but has now decided it was time for another change, taking up the position of Chief Marketing and Communications officer at Britain’s Aston Martin.

The move is not a real surprise, as Sproule will be reunited there with Andy Palmer, formerly Nissan’s Infiniti boss and now the new chief executive officer at Aston Martin – the two were also reportedly close friends for some time.

Sproule, of British origin, will relocate for the new job to England from Palo Alto, California and has confirmed the move to multiple media outlets. He is a long time public relations man, spending more than two decades in various posts at Nissan, Ford and Jaguar. At the Japanese company he worked for over a decade, where he left for Tesla from the position of Renault-Nissan director of communications.

The last communications leader at Tesla was Ricardo Reyes, who went to Square in 2012 after leading Tesla through its IPO in 2010. Before Sproule’s arrival in March, Elon Musk, the maker’s founder and chief executive, also did most of the PR work through his blog or Twitter account.

Via The Detroit Bureau