Tesla’s upcoming pick-up truck already imagined by digital artist image

Dubbed the Tesla Allterrain concept, this is one way of looking at Tesla’s master plan part two that also calls for the release of a “new kind” of truck to the market in the near future.

Elon Musk, as always, announced a wide and broad strategy for the company’s second part of the “masterplan”, but probably the most intriguing and interesting for American buyers could be the announcement the automaker is interested in delivering “a new kind of pickup truck.” This is rather mysterious from the company that is usually quite direct and upfront, but the reports are calling this one actually some way from even entering the initial development phase. So, just maybe, not even Musk himself has an idea about the actual design and features of the truck, yet.

Tesla’s upcoming pick-up truck already imagined by digital artist 9

So, the digital artists can have their way and let imagination loose. Designer Jason McGinnity has dubbed his work the Tesla Allterrain – and he might actually be onto something, having completed an internship at the Tesla Design Studio. The Allterrain seen here is an ultra-rugged, off-road utility vehicle; a combination between Tesla styling cues and the Jeep Wrangler – huge wheels and major suspension travel sees serious off-roading abilities, aided by the usual Tesla low center of gravity chassis/ battery pack combination. No engine up front means the actual cargo bay is located up front – and the model even has removable doors and C-pillars, alongside two extra battery backpacks acting as reserves.

Via JasonMcGinnity.com