Test Drive: BMW X4 xDrive30d image

The newest crossover to make its way into BMW’s lineup is the X4. This is based on the aimed towards rivals such as the Porsche Macan. Our editorial team has recently went for a spin in such a vehicle and the overall impressions can be read below.

Engine and Transmission

The tested model came with probably the most popular engine BMW is currently selling, the 3.0 liter diesel with a six-cylinder inline layout. The unit is capable of producing, in this model, a total of 259 HP (190 kW) and it has a peak torque of 560 Nm (413 lb-ft), available from just 1,500 rpm, which is more than enough to help you overtake the vehicle in front of you in no time or even to pull a trailer or a caravan.

xDrive means that the X4 is coming with all-wheel drive, which is taking the power produced by the engine through an 8-speed automatic transmission, which, in my perspective, is the best one I have ever driven. The same gearbox can also be found across the company’s model range so if you are going to buy a new BMW, make sure you order it.

Fuel Consumption

BMW says that the X4 xDrive30d is burning just 6.5 liters of fuel in the urban environment and 5.6 liters on the highway. These figures could be pretty tricky to obtain as the trip computer indicated an average of 10.6 liters “eaten” after a few hours of city driving. On the highway, the 6.5L / 100km can be obtained at 100 km/h but go over 150 km/h and the trip computer will show you more than 10L burned every 100 km. In order to come closer to the official highway figure, you will have to drive it at 80 km/h and this means that the engine will be eating just 5L. These figures were obtained in the Eco Pro mode.

The Ride

Despite being equipped with the xDrive all-wheel drive transmission, the tested car was quite tail happy. I managed to find out when pushing the throttle with the steering wheel to the left from a standstill, when I was in a hurry to make a left turn. The sensation of sliding a medium-sized SAV may be weird, but it does handle pretty well, not as well as a sedan / coupe made by BMW, but with an overall acceptable feel.

Driving the X4 on a bumpy road will not be that annoying but it won’t be as comfortable as you would expect it to be. Understeer is almost impossible to achieve but speaking about the oversteer, this can be quite a problem because if this happens to all X4s, than the xDrive is pretty much worthless in this vehicle.

Interior Design

The cabin of the X4 seems to be pretty much identical to just about the cabin of any other new BMW vehicle out there. You will find the same gear selector, the same steering wheel, the same iDrive, the same layout for the buttons, the same comfortable seats, the same buttons fitted in the same place and the same technology. This eventually leads to a dull design but purists may say that this is pretty much the BMW essence, so you be the judge of that.

Speaking of the quality of the materials used, this is pretty good throughout the cabin but, then again, it is normal, considering the fact that we are talking about a premium vehicle. The X4 is as practical as the X3, despite the sporty looks of it and the rear seat can easily accommodate up to three people, but for longer journeys, two are more than enough, if you want them to travel comfortably.

Likes / Dislikes

I have to admit that in pictures, the BMW X4 looks better than in real life, so the plus goes to its “photogenic abilities”. The front fascia makes it easily recognizable as a BMW vehicle while the lowered roof and the rear end will sometimes mistake it to an X6, that is until you see that the X6 is larger. One of the things I have to mention is the High Beam Assist, which is a definite “must” for every BMW buyer and this is basically adjusting the headlights in order to optimize the illumination of the road ahead, without glaring other road users.

The performance of the sporty SAV has to be mentioned in the “likes” part, along with the good fuel consumption, the practical interior and also the Comfort Access System, which can automatically open the boot if whoever has the key in his / her pocket will slide his / her foot underneath the rear end of the vehicle. This comes in pretty handy if you have luggage in your hands and you don’t want to put it down. BMW is the only carmaker to offer this system.

On the “minus” part, the only problem is have with it is basically its price, which can be named just about everything but “cheap”, even if we are talking about a vehicle aimed towards the Porsche Macan. Also, I have to mention that “tail-happy” problem in here too.

Starting price – 46,996 EUR
Tested vehicle – 79,257 EUR
Tested Car
BMW X4 xDrive30d

Engine: 3.0L diesel (2,993 cc)
Power: 259 HP (190 kW) at 4,000 rpm
Torque: 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) at 1,500 rpm
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Dimensions: length – 4,671 mm, width – 1,881 mm, height – 1,624 mm
Weight: 1,829 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 67L
Trunk Capacity: 500L
0 – 100 km/h: 5.8s
Top Speed: 234 km/h


4.6 / 5

Photos by Gabi Gogiu