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Dacia has waited no less than a decade to finally equip the popular Logan with some interesting features but don’t get your hopes too high because these are only available on the limited edition version of the model. This has been called the Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary and, just like its name is telling us, it has been created in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the vehicle.

The car manufacturer is currently offering the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Dacia Logan in a limited number of just 2,000 units and this is coming with a choice of two engines, the 1.2L 16-valve 75 HP petrol or the 1.5 dCi 75 HP diesel burner, both of them meeting the Euro 5 emission standards and both of them connected to the 5-speed manual transmission. It may seem weird to miss out on the dCi 90 unit but apparently Dacia thinks this is the right way to do it and the price is probably playing a major role in all of this.

Engine and Transmission

The tested car was equipped with the 1.5 liter dCi diesel engine which is capable of producing, in this configuration, 75 HP (55 kW) and 200 Nm (148 lb-ft) of torque, available from just 1.750 rpm. This is acceptable for long trips on highways and also for a crowded city but since it was my first time in a dCi 75 Logan, I couldn’t put my brain away from the fact that the company has left the dCi 90 out. The unit is producing 90 HP and 220 Nm of torque, available at the same 1,750 rpm, and even if it may seem like not big of a difference, trust me, it is.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 37
The above mentioned “numbers” are being sent to the front wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission, the only one in the range, and, just like I’ve said before when testing other Dacia vehicles, it feels like it’s made to last. The gear ratios are balanced but perhaps adding the 6th gear would be the way to do it, as this will seriously decrease the fuel consumption. The engine isn’t really working in small revs and you will have to constantly push down the throttle in order to get the best of it and if you were hoping to make a use of the “Eco” button, forget it, because it will make it even slower.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 25
Fuel Consumption

The official figures provided by Dacia stand at 4.4L / 100km burned in the city, 3.7 liters / 100 km achievable on the highway and an average of 3.9L / 100km. Things couldn’t be any different in the real world and, in a crowded city, without using the “Eco” mode and with the AC turned on, the trip computer indicated an average of 7.8L / 100km. I have to admit that my driving style was not economical at all and trying to find out what the normal fuel consumption in the urban environment would be like made be bored, but not before achieving a figure of 6.6L / 6.7L. On the highway, things tend to change and the average fuel consumption indicated will stand at approximately 4.0L / 100km. The official 3.7L / 100km are achievable, but that means driving with the radio and AC turned off at approximately 75 km/h in fifth gear. Overall, the Logan Anniversary turned out to be, just like the regular one, a reliable buddy.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 44
The Ride

There new Logan generation and the old one are sharing the same platform and the Logan Anniversary makes no exception. The brakes and the steering feel basically the same but the suspension seems to have improved significantly and you will now get a more maneuverable car and also a comfortable one as well. The overall feel regarding the suspension is that it has been adapted for the roads in Romania which, we have to admit that aren’t that brilliant. You can attack corners with braveness but keep in mind that you will be awake extremely in a chicane, which is where you will feel what the chassis is made of.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 18
But taking into consideration that we are talking about a budget family car, it does what it’s supposed to do without asking too many questions and you will thank the engineers for tweaking the suspension for comfort when going over speed bumps and not only. The overall feel of the steering is that it has been softened compared to the regular Logan versions. The tested car and all other Logan Anniversary vehicles, has been equipped with 16-inch wheels, wrapped in 195/55 tires, and they may seem alloy but they are actually made from steel. For fooling your eye, Dacia has used some plastic caps finished in grey and the system is similar to the one used on the Sandero Stepway.

Interior Design

The first thing noticeable in the cabin of the Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary is the same dashboard as the regular version of the Logan which is made to last and it is really an improvement compared to the previous generation. Taking a close look at it you will start noticing the main differences between the anniversary edition and the standard car and the first main difference is the automatic single-zone climate control borrowed from the Renault Clio, Captur and so on.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 42
The window switches installed in the dashboard have vanished and Dacia has added regular buttons on all doors, including in the rear, and the driver and front passenger also can operate the rear windows through buttons added on the central console. The upholstery has been made from a textile material which feels resistant in time and quite nice and the overall design seems to have been inspired by the one of the Sandero Stepway.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 24
Dacia has also added the leather wrapped steering wheel to the Logan 10th Anniversary, along with an extra storage space on the top of the dashboard but the horn has remained, sadly, on the blinker knob and it hasn’t been fitted to the steering wheel. The air vents are now rectangular and not rounded like in the regular Logan and the carmaker has added small chrome surrounds. Unlike more expensive cars, Dacia is also offering a place to store your mobile phone and those necessary cup holders.
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary 1.5dCi 31
You also get the MediaNav infotainment system, made by LG, which is something Dacia needed for a long time. This isn’t limited to the Logan Anniversary and you can also order it on the regular Logan models, on the Sandero and on the Duster too. Cruise control with speed limiter is also available and it will be making your life easier.

Likes / Dislikes

I would have preferred to have the dCi 90 engine under the hood but don’t worry about this too much because the dCi 75 is doing its job pretty good too. I missed out on the heated seats too especially since the place where the controls for them should have been are noticeable and an armrest between the front seats would have been nice too. But other than these, you cannot really go angry on the Dacia Logan, or on the Logan 10th Anniversary especially, because you still get the more than generous interior space, the added window buttons on the doors, the single-zone climate control from other Renault vehicles, the MediaNav, the side mirrors with integrated turn signals and the turn signals moved to the interior of the headlights, a thing found only on the special edition model.


The new generation of the Dacia Logan hasn’t been tested by Euro NCAP and, in fact, the Romanian car hasn’t met the safety specialists from 2005, when the overall score was 3 stars. However, the model is now getting the ESP and four standard airbags.

Tested Vehicle
Dacia Logan 10th Anniversary dCi 75
Engine: 1.5L diesel, 1,461 cc
Power: 75 HP (55 kW) @ 4,000 rpm
Torque: 200 Nm (148 lb-ft) @1,750 rpm
Transmission: manual, 5-speed
Dimensions: length 4,346mm, width 1,733mm, height 1,517mm
Weight: 1,134 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 50L
Trunk Capacity: 510L
0-100km/h: n/a
Top Speed: 159 km/h
Starting price: 9,400 EUR, VAT included
Tested Car: 12,150 EUR, VAT included

4.0 / 5


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