Texan Couple Acquired 65 Vipers in Seven Years image

A rich couple from Texas has bought 65 Vipers over a period of seven years, beginning with 2006.

Some of us think that owning a Viper will be the ultimate dream, well, this couple from Texas has made an obsession from a mere dream. Just imagine having 65 beautiful Dodge and SRT Vipers in your garage, the biggest Viper collection in the world. Their entire car collection surpasses 100 vehicles.

D’Ann and Wayne Rauh purchased their first Viper in 2006, a white with blue stripes model. Their collection includes all types of Vipers, among which the 2010 SRT10 ACR-X which is not allowed on public streets, so they can enjoy the vehicle only by driving it around their property. Their obsession goes beyond the cars themselves, as D’Ann has matching bags and the garage is filled with plastered with Viper pictures and seats from other Viper vehicles.

“It’s just something king of a rush. Sometimes you get the feel that you want to drive that car that day, and there are days when I’m in for four or five different Vipers in one day. You know I mean with this many cars and they all need to be driven. They do. They all have to share my time. I know I have a lot of cars but I would never say it is too many,” said D’Ann.

Source: worldcarfans.com