Thai Floods: Honda India Car Production Severely Affected Because Of Parts Shortage image

Honda Siel Cars India, the joint venture between Honda Motor Co. and Siel Limited on Thursday said it has been forced to drastically cut car production in November because of parts shortage caused by floods in the Southeast Asian country.

The automaker unveiled that production of the models like Honda City has been shut down temporarily while the output of Honda Jazz model is reduced considerably.

To tackle the problem, Honda is making emergency arrangements to source components from locations in China and Japan to normalize output.

“We are looking at China and Japan very keenly. We hope to firm up things soon and return to normalcy in the coming months, though nothing can be confirmed as of now.”

Last month, Honda manufactured 6,000 units at their manufacturing plant; it is expected to cut 95 per cent of its capacity in December, as only 250 units of Jazz and few more of Civic and Accord will be made.

In addition, it remains to be seen whether Honda will go ahead with launching the facelifted Honda City next month as per schedule in light of this latest development.