Thai Floods: Honda stops production at its Philippine plant, worldwide production output diminished image

Honda Motor Co. announced that it will stop the production at its plant from Philippine, starting Thursday, together with lowering output in other locations due to Thai flooding impact over the supply chains.

The 15,000 units/year output Philippine plant produces the Honda City and Honda Civic models.

Also, operations will be reduced at its domestic plants in Sayama and Suzuka, as well as in Great Britain, Brazil, North America and Canada. The company announced a 30% slash on the Brazil output starting Monday. Its six plants from North America will have a 50% output cut until 10th November.

Honda’s Thailand factory is closed since Oct.4 and is still unknown when the production will be resumed, as the factory is currently submerged.

The company also announced the postponing of this fiscal year scheduled vehicles launch.

With most suppliers directly hit by the massive Thai floods, the automakers have hard times in procuring replacement parts and assess the extent of disruption to the supply chain.