Thai Floods: Honda to destroy more than 1,000 flood-ravaged cars in Thailand image

Honda Automobile (Thailand) announced earlier yesterday, that they will be destroying all the 1,055 cars which were damaged due to Thai floods.

The scrapping process at Honda’s plant in the central province of Ayutthaya is expected to take one month, the company said in a statement.

Mr Pitak Pruittisarikorn – Honda’s executive vice president said Honda has tried its best to keep the flood out of the plant, but it had proved impossible. The flooding started at its plant on Oct 8. The company was able to move most of its vehicles from the industrial estate, but 1,055 automobiles could not be transported out in time.

The destruction covers 1,055 brand-new but ruined Honda vehicles of various types which could not be timely moved out of the industrial estate before recent flooding, comprising 217 Brio cars, 213 Jazz cars, 353 City cars, 150 Civic cars, 91 Accord sedans, 30 CR-V vehicles and one Freed car.

It was speculated earlier that Honda Motors will not be destroying the damaged cars, instead would send them back to the manufacturing unit and repair them by replacing faulty or damaged parts.

“We would never fix-up the damaged cars and then sell them as brand new units or even donate them to an organisation to prevent them from entering the market. That would tarnish our long-standing reputation,” a senior company executive said.