Thai floods: Honda not to open its Thai factory until Oct. 21 image

Honda Motor Co., the Japanese automaker on Friday announced that it will extend the suspension of its automobile plant in Thailand until next Friday.

As we previously announced, Honda risks losing the most from the floods. The factory, shuttered since Oct 4, is underwater and the company has no access to the site.

The plant itself, which produces five models—including the Accord and the Civic—for domestic sales and exports, has been off limits since Oct. 4 after flood waters inundated the industrial estate where it is located.

The plant produced 170,335 vehicles in 2010—nearly 5 percent of Honda’s total global production of 3.6 million cars.

“If the flooding continues, the target of 1.9 million units car output would not be achieved and the target will have to be lowered to less than 1.8 million,” Federation of Thai Industries’ automobile club vice chairman Suparat Sirisuwannangkul said.

Mazda Sales said its car assembly plants in Rayong have temporary stopped operations, while Toyota has also halted its production lines of three plants in Rayong since Monday.

Toyota Motor Corp. has been forced to curtail production because of disruption to its supply of parts rather than any physical damage, while Nissan said it may experience some disruption.

Approximately 250 people have been killed in Thailand over the past two months, as the worst monsoon rains in decades have led to deadly flooding. About 110,000 people around the country have sought refuge in shelters.

Thai officials are warning that, in the next few days, Bangkok could be inundated by a combination of heavy floodwaters from the north, unusually high tides and monsoon rains.

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    it is tuff on the whole world when thing like this happen