Thai floods: Toyota announces further production cuts image

Toyota Motor Corp announced today that, due to major supply chain disruptions caused by the great Thailand flooding, the production cuts will continue to be applied in all of its manufacturing units, on different scales. Thus, the three Thai plant will continue to remain closed, while in the rest of the locations the output will be reduced.

In Japan, Toyota had already adjusted production hours during Oct.24 – Nov.5, and now extended the measures also for the coming week (7 – 12 November).

In Thailand, at the three factories Samrong, Gateway and Ban Pho production was stopped since Oct 10 until the extended date of November 12.

The manufacturing sites fromSouth Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan and Malaysia will have an adjusted working schedule also for next week.

In North America, the vehicle assembly plants will have o overtime and Saturday production until November 12. For the moment, the US dealers have enough cars in stock.

The company stated that will come with new decisions for the period starting November 14 after it gets a clearer assessment over the situation.