Thai Floods: Toyota Japan output back to normal on Nov.21 and Nov. 28. Thailand restart from Nov.21 image

Toyota Motor Corp., on Friday announced that in Japan production would return to normal output in the weeks of Nov.21 and Nov. 28, after Thai floods disrupted parts supplies.

TMC has been adjusting production hours at its vehicle production plants in Japan since October 24. On November 11, TMC announced that vehicle-production plants in Japan will operate at near-normal levels, including overtime, from November 21 through November 25. Today, TMC announces an extension of this operation through December 2.

In addition, the Japanese automaker will restart production in Thailand at all of its three plants from November 21. Operation levels after the restart will be based on an assessment of the parts-supply situation, the automaker said in statement.

Vehicle-production plants in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and South Africa will adjust production levels from November 21 through November 26 based on an assessment of the parts-supply situation.

In North America, Toyota already announced that production will operate at normal levels, including overtime, for the week beginning November 21. Today, this operation has been extended to include the week beginning November 28.