The Mitsubishi Mirage, dubbed a ‘global compact car’, will go on sale in Thailand at the end of March 2012.

The budget five-door hatchback aimed primarily at emerging markets will be rolled out across other south-east Asian nations before it goes on sale in Japan, Europe and other markets. In 2013 it is planed to arrive in the UK, where it will replace the Colt.

Mitsubishi plans to focus on global models for emerging markets and also start offering electric cars, and has the Mirage is a key component of this project. Thailand was the first selected market for this model because the country has a strong eco-car program.

“The Mirage is an all-new compact car focused on premium fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions, just right for the times where demand for superior fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness are increasing all over the world,” declared Mitsubishi Motor Company president Osamu Masuko.

The Mirage features a 1.2-litre engine and fuel economy of about 62mpg. The company hopes to sell 2,500 units per month in Thailand with the price starting from 380,000 Thai Bhat, which means about £7700.


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