The “Snakes N Ladders” of automotive industries image

The automotive industries seem to be in the mode of “Snakes N Ladders” since last couple of years. The things were going quite good and the industry was climbing the ladder of growth with greater speeds and suddenly the “snake of Recession” came and banged the industry to the bottom of last 70 years. The impact of Recession was slowed down and the industry started getting better gradually and suddenly the “snake of Toyota recall” hit the industry very badly. The “snake of recalling cars” moved further and touched to Saab and fewer other brands as well. The industry again came out of these setbacks and we recently got news that the 70 years old Mercury was killed by Ford. Although, the brand was definitely in “Coma” since a decade or so but still the news were never good for the soul of Edsel Ford. Immediately the infection spread to another brand of Adieu. The critics are seeing many of the car brands to disappear from the plants in coming years

None of the automotive personality is having an end of this “Snakes N Ladders” game played with this sector. The critics and experts still see no more “continuous ladders” that can prevent the “snakes of downfall” to get bunged. The recessional effects are seen to get disappeared in the U.S. and the automotive sector just got the momentum and immediately the Recessional effect started showing their colors in Europe. So, this is becoming “never ending” story for the automotive structure. In the phase after World War I, a killing depression was experienced by the people and today also we are just playing round and round to that dangerous phase.

All of us need to find a constant and stable solution for this “Snakes N Ladders” game as now “end of game” is must for the survival of the companies. We don’t want more of the bankruptcies. Do you have the solution? Share with us.