The 2,000,000th Kamaz Truck image

Kamaz, Russia’s leading automobile manufacturer, has celebrated on February 15th, the 2,000,000th truck to roll off the factory conveyor. Since the first Kamaz-5320 produced 36 years ago, the model has undergone many changes during this time.

The 2,000,000th Kamaz-6522 truck is equipped with a reliable and low-consumption 400 hp Common Rail engine, a 16-speed gearbox made by ZF with the optimum gear ratio, with double-tire wheels. Looking at the 2011 results, Kamaz took a share of almost 40% on the Russian market of heavy trucks over 16 t GVW.

On February 16th 1976, the first trucks of the automobile plant came off the assembly conveyor, including the first Kamaz-5320 which was brought back and kept by the manufacturers as a functional museum piece at the Scientific and Technical Center of Kamaz, being operated only on the days of its anniversary or on other special occasions.

5,000 heavy trucks of four models were assembled by the end of 1976, and the drivers who came to pick up their vehicles asked to have six zeros and one drawn on the hoods, exactly as they remembered from the pages of newspapers and TV screens.