The 2017 Mini Countryman is also a plug in hybrid image

For the first time ever the British brand gets a hybrid powertrain, one that is also a more advanced plug in and comes with 24 miles (38 km) of electric range.

This is most likely the most important novelty brought by the second generation Mini Countryman – the new plug in hybrid powertrain comes with the lessons learned from the all-electric Mini E program from years ago, as well as BMW’s i3 and i8. The model’s designation is the Countryman Cooper S E and includes the usual dose of functionality and all-wheel-drive capability, mixing in some green efficiency for the interested parties. The PHEV powertrain includes a turbocharged, 1.5-liter inline-three engine up front, packing 134 horsepower and mates it to a six speed auto sending power to the front wheels. At the back under the cargo floor, an electric motor has 87 hp and gets hooked to the rear wheels.


The overall system output rating is of 221 hp and 284 lb-ft, with a 60 mph (96 km/h) sprint of 6.8 seconds and an electric range of 24 miles on a charge, considering you don’t go past 77 miles per hour. The recharge takes 3 hours and 15 minutes from a 240-volt outlet and in the European test cycle, the hybridized Countryman will achieve 2.1 liters / 100 km, with corresponding CO2 emissions of 49 g/km. Driving duties are fulfilled in the Auto eDrive – 55 mph max speed with electric and the engine ready to kick in when needed; Max eDrive for full electric power and Save Battery modes.