The 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon has lost 215 pounds image

The US automaker teased not long ago they went for a big diet on the Hellcat in order to bring the Challenger SRT Demon to light – and now we have the exact details.

According to Dodge’s official scale, the Demon will be exactly 2015 lighter than the Hellcat, because, well, anything not driver related has been thrown down the garbage tunnel. The demon has lost the back seat, saving 55 pounds, and has even lost the passenger seat – which is another 58 pounds. Yes, being a Demon is surely a lonely feature. There’s a manual tilt-telescope steering wheel for 4 pounds, while getting rid of sound-deadening components takes out another 18 pounds.

The skinnier, hollow anti-roll bars give another 19 pounds; smaller brakes (four-piston front calipers on 14.2-inch discs instead of six-piston calipers and 15.4-inch discs in the Hellcat) get rid of 16 pounds; and the new 18×11-inch wheels will save another 16 pounds. Getting rid of all the original audio components (including wires) and leaving just two speakers is another 24 pounds, and other weight saving measures bring the total to 232 pounds – Dodge puts the final mark at 215 pounds (97.5 kg) because the Demon actually first gains another 17 pounds. The Demon will get its official moment of glory come April, during the New York Auto Show.