Since we’re dealing with the Mercedes flagship, it’s only natural the 2018 S Class, which is going for the midlife-cycle refresh, to feature the most advanced technologies.

The company with the three-pointed star logo is now teasing us to the upgraded range of safety and assistance systems – being keen to point out this is another step towards implemented fully autonomous systems. It will thus feature systems such as Active Lane Change Assist – 80 to 180 kph (50 to 112 mph), the driver gets assistance when changing lanes on a multi-lane road. Active Lane Keeping Assist is also present – at speeds between 60 and 200 kph (37 and 124 mph) the sensors can detect unintentional lane exits and steer back and even apply the brakes if the vehicle passed a continuous line. Active Speed Limit Assist and Traffic Sign Assist are set to work with cameras and info from the navi system to inform the driver of any applicable speed limits, as well as various other signs or even people on a zebra crossing.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive in der neuen S-Klasse

The Active Distance Assist Distronic is S Class’ very advanced cruise control that can even predict the need to lower the speed based on what’s coming next – junctions, roundabouts, toll booths, and bends. Mercedes adds the system is now smart enough to work with the selected driving mode and automated driving will be possible on country roads, with the Distronic even taking into account coasting or gliding (coasting with the engine off). There are also numerous other automated technologies: Active Brake Assist, Evasive Steering Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Parking Assist & Remote Parking Assist. And, importantly, there’s Car-to-X Communication – meaning a form of connected V2V system is in effect.


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