The A14 Road Will Become First Existing Road to Exact Toll image

Britain’s transport secretary announced that tolls will be introduced as a plan to upgrade the A14, one of the country’s most congested routes.

Justine Greening said that tolls could be introduced as part of an “innovative and imaginative solutions to tackling long-term congestion” along the road.

The Department for Transport declared that tolls will be introduced to a 20-mile stretch of widened and enhanced road in order to fund the scheme. The prime minister said that the tolls were to be introduced back in March but that they would only apply to new routes. The A14 is a dual carriageway connecting the east of England from the M1 and M6 to the ports of Felixstowe and Harwich, which is often congested by local traffic and heavy goods vehicles. The government plans to build two new roads in parallel with A14, north of Cambridge. Work on the A14 is expected to begin in 2018.

“This is why my department has been working hard to generate innovative and imaginative solutions to tackling long-term congestion and I am pleased to be able to unveil what we believe to be the best option for people living locally as well as those who see it as a lifeline to international markets,” said Justine Greening.