The auto industry in 2015, five key questions image

We have just passed the threshold into a new year and the gears of the relentless automotive industry are already spinning around – but we’re still at the point of asking questions.

The glitz and glamor of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is a great way of kicking off each year for the automakers and accompanying suppliers. But the global automotive industry has faced numerous bumps last year, making us wonder if we can find some answers to interesting questions.

First off – what’s going to really happen to the gas prices? We saw that the global price of crude oil has dropped to astonishing lows, but we’re left wondering if the situation is actually sustainable. In the US, for example, if prices remain the same, the AAA reckons the overall savings for motorists throughout 2015 would reach as much as $75 billion.
Coupled with the falling gasoline price comes the next question – has the truck and SUV segment the force to stay strong? US consumers but also global buyers have redirected their attention once more towards pickup trucks (the US drivers especially) and sport utility vehicles and crossovers, but if the gasoline prices surge back the small segments might be attractive again.

What happens to the electric segment? US startup automaker Tesla Motors has shown the world a battery-operated vehicle – done right – can commend a luxury price, offer sports car performance and become a highly-sought asset. But that’s not enough for the global pursuit of electrics, now also hindered by the falling gasoline prices. Next up, recalls have plagued 2014 – so we’re naturally wondering if 2015 is going to look alike. And the last crucial question for the year – what’s going to happen to Russia?

Via Forbes