According to NHTSA the backup camera rule which was recently delayed remains ‘very much’ on the table.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator David Strickland announced at the Detroit auto show that even if the backup camera rule was delayed again, it still is alive and will be adopted soon. On December 31st, the NHTSA missed for the third time the deadline for this rule, which one of the most expensive pending rules in the US, with a cost of almost $2.7 billion. The good news is that the rule is under discussion at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

Mandatory rearview cameras are expected to cut the number of deaths in half, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The regulation would cost as much as $18.5 million per life saved. The rear-visibility standards prompt automakers to opt to install rearview visibility cameras on all new vehicles, which would help drivers see the video image on a video screen in the dashboard or the rearview mirror. To install the display, the cost of the vehicle will be increased with $159 to $203.

The first deadline for this rule was February 2011, which was later pushed to February 2012. Although industry analysts and safety experts expected the final rules to be released in December, it seems that automakers will have to wait a little longer.


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