The Bat Garage exists somewhere in the Land Down Under, with a mansion on top, of course image

This replica of the Dark Knight’s Bat Garage is a testament to how sometimes real life is just as cool as fiction – with a plethora of supercars inside but also jaw droopingly cool even when all of them are out and about.

The gearhead dream garage is the stuff of dreams – it has supercars in it, it’s hidden under a mansion and the design is incredibly cool. Ok, we can subtract points for being a replica – not an original – but if you had the chance, wouldn’t you have done exactly the same? The Bat garage replica has been inspired from the Bruce Wayne – you know, the Caped Crusader – The Dark Knight flick that had the billionaire/superhero use a temporary location for his car collection, while the mansion underwent restoration procedures after it was burnt down in Batman Begins. It does look like the ultimate thing – even a smart would surely look decidedly cool there.

The story for the replica goes about a mansion owner in Australia who decided his collection of cars needed a new home while he was doing some renovations to the property. Fashionable architects Molecule were tasked to the duty and they decided to go underground because the owner didn’t want to add another building to the mansion. And since it’s concealed the architects thought of the Bat Garage and built the replica – it comes with black walls and floor, a mirrored back wall, as well as a ‘sky-lit’ ceiling. And inside there’s an Aston Martin, Maserati, and Mercedes – and all the cars can get in and out through a secret entrance: a ramp coming from a hydraulically-lifting door that is hidden by the base line of the tennis court.

The Bat Garage exists all the way in the Land Down Under, with a mansion on top, of course 0