The biggest threat to us when driving – ourselves image

According to a new AAA study, parents were reasonably right to tell us to be careful when we first got our driver’s license and then every day for the next three to five decades.

A report coming from WTOP in Washington shows most motorists fear being hit by someone else. But it turns out no less than 55 percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States involve single-vehicle accidents. That’s according to the AAA, and represent the latest available statistics – for the year 2015. The report further states that in these fatal crashes, 70 percent have to do with the car leaving the road – either crossing the edge or center line. Of course, you can’t summarize everything down to such simple numbers – because you’re no more a menace to society than before.
Single-vehicle crashes can have numerous adjacent factors – mechanical issues, natural disasters, or attempts to avoid another vehicle. Driving intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, fatigue or driving too fast for the weather conditions can also be summoned up. Which is also why there are so many advocates of autonomous driving – which is expected to be a lot safer because it cuts the prime factor – humans. Until that becomes a reality – a kind parental reminder, be careful when driving.