Today, in the German BMW factory in Leipzig, production for the new 2 Series coupe, the replacement of the 1 Series coupe, officially starts production.

BMW Plant Leipzig produced the 1 Series Coupe from September 2007 until the beginning of October 2013, with a total of over 150.000 units manufactured and sold worldwide. After the discontinuation of the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible in early October, the Leipzig plant was adapted for the production of 2 coupe and other future models.

Thus, the BMW Leipzig plant currently produces the BMW X1, the BMW 1 Series five-door and the BMW 2 coupe on a flexible tape according to customer requirements. Moreover, since mid-September this year, the separate production of the BMW i3 has also started in the plant.

Currently, up to 740 cars will be built per day. For the production of the electric cars, BMW has invested around 400 million euros in the expansion of the Leipzig plant. The plant currently employs 3,500 people but their number is set to increase to more than 3,700.


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