The Boreas is a hypercar from Spain image

While the fiesta country has a long automotive tradition – chiefly due to the Seat brand – it hasn’t been in touch with the stratosphere of the industry much, at least not in the way the Italians have been for decades.

But that’s slowly changing – you may remember a few years ago a supercar called GTA Spano came out. Now the Spanish people are also touting with the hypercar realm, thanks to the new Boreas model, a mysterious new introduction inspired by Greek mythology but with contemporary 1,000+ hp power. The Boreas is the first model of a startup called DSD Design & Motorsport. The car and company come from Spain, even though the name is of Greek inspiration, Boreas being the Greek god of the North Wind. David Sancho Domingo is the mind behind both, and according to a company statement the project has been in the making for the past decade, involving numerous partners to create a hypercar with “godlike strength, lightning speed, and a volatile temper.”

Unfortunately, the company has remained mum on certain aspects – the ones detailing the engine, transmission, suspension, and just about everything else. The brand says it targets a maximum speed of 236 miles per hour, with a sub 3-second time to the 60 mph sprint. It will use a hybrid powertrain with more than 1,000 horsepower, AWD and seven-speed transmission. It should also be green enough to cover 62 miles on electricity alone, with front wheel drive alone. Just 12 examples, “individually designed yet related” are being projected for the build.