The Brigade is a futuristic autonomous Police motorcycle concept image

In the future you might not even respond to a law enforcement officer – as tickets might be issued by things like this autonomous drone motorcycle.

With drones already a part of everyday life in the skies, it might not be long before we see them next to us in traffic – as the revolution of self-driving is quickly approaching and everyone seems to encourage it. The idea of having autonomous drones on the streets is easy to grasp – they could to the most mundane tasks while remaining on the road almost every time – save for refueling and repair times. This might come handy for the Police forces around the world, with drones envisioned as hired aides that could patrol the streets detecting and issuing citations for petty crimes. For example, one such autonomous drone could be the Brigade motorcycle.

This concept is the project of Canadian industrial designer Eduardo Arndt, with the Brigade being a riderless motorcycle fueled by electricity and kept in the upright position with a gyroscope. If constructed it would be host to a wide array of sensors, cameras, speakers, and projectors and could issue tickets for minor offences. The idea is that with basic patrol duties out of the picture, the human officers would have more time to resolve major crimes and other threats to public safety.