They’re actually donning the mantle of a hardcore gaming to help them advance their driver skills – with police officers of the Lincolnshire Police Department clearly looking to up their game.

And they have prime time to do it – because they’re actually trying the much-anticipated Gran Turismo Sport racing title for the Playstation 4 ahead of many parts of the world – way to go, Lincolnshire. Not every car fan will admit to being a gamer, though they probably are nonetheless, but we still have problems understanding how this will actually will help them become better pursuit drivers. It’s safe to say this is only an experiment, looking to find out if these simulated races will actually have any effect into the real world.

The officers traveled to Silverstone northwest of London to do some live laps, then used the simulated steering wheels to run the same track via the Gran Turismo Sport game, all the while being couched on how to improve lap times. They next returned to the track to try and perform better with the experience gained in the game. It’s of course not something that hasn’t been used before – Nissan’s GT Academy is probably the finest example of simulated to real racing. More so, the Lincolnshire’s released acknowledged Sony’s contribution in paying the bill so the taxpayers can’t object to their officers playing games while on the job.

The British Police has time to play Gran Turismo Sport 0


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