The Bugatti 16 C Galibier may enter in production image

According to Autocar, The Bugatti 16 C Galibier super-saloon concept is poised to be given the green light for production, following positive reaction to the concept car.

According to reports from insiders at the company, the Galibier 16C will be built, but it will have to wait for official confirmation until the VW Group can raise funds it is currently seeking from investors.

“It will be made one way or the other,” said one insider. “We’re the smallest VW Group member and there’s a recession on so we’ve not been a priority.
“But we can expect to announce something by the summer; it looks good, people like it and it wouldn’t be a great financial commitment in the context of the Group.”
The Galibiers are influenced by the Veyron and the fuselage styling of the classic Bugatti Type 35.

With an two-stage supercharged 800-horsepower W-16 engine, a price tag expected to range around $1.5 million.