The Byton Concept is an electric crossover for CES image

Here’s another automotive startup with roots in China that’s looking to make a name for itself in the same segment where traditional automakers are still chasing down Tesla – the Byton Concept has been presented by Chinese car company Future Mobility Corp. at the Consumer Electronics Show.

This is naturally just a preview of the production variant that hopefully – we all know it doesn’t always turn out how they wanted, just look at Faraday Future – will arrive at Chinese dealerships first late in 2019, with the United States and Europe to follow in 2020. The Byton name is used by Chinese car company Future Mobility Corp., and there’s a big name attached to it – former BMW i vehicle program manager Carsten Breitfeld, acting as CEO. As far as the Byton Concept is concerned, we’re dealing with a stylish, coupe-SUV model – but the main asset resides inside.

The Byton Concept is an electric crossover for CES 7

The company decided that instead of the classic instrument panel/dashboard/infotainment system combo it would be better to use a single, wide panel that stretches across the entire width of the car. More so, even the steering wheel has an eight-inch tablet located in the center, while the seats rotate inward 12 degrees. The automaker claims this is around 85 percent of the final car, with the powertrain comprising of a single rear-mounted motor worth 272 horsepower and 250 miles of range or a dual-motor version packing 476 hp and an estimated range of 325 miles. Byton also adds it will deliver Level 3 autonomy on the production model, with possible Level 4 coming after 2020.