The Camal Viva is a hybrid – but a highly unconventional one image

This interesting design, which is an understatement actually, literally is a hybrid carriage concept – with two horsepower, of the real variety. And it’s also able to travel autonomously and on electric power.

The latest design concept project from design house Camal has apparently set out to find out how would transportation would take place in an alternate present where the invention of the internal combustion engine never took place. And in doing so they brought elements from the past and future together – with the Viva being called an “assisted carriage.” Instead of using a combustion engine, it still relies on good old fashioned horsepower – more precisely two horses will pull the vehicle just like a classic buggy. As the animals use up their energy, the wheels’ movement charges on-board batteries, and the vehicle’s electric motors can assist afterwards with the propulsion to help the animals rest.

The Camal Viva is a hybrid – but a highly unconventional one 8

The Viva can even be run separately on electric propulsion and go about its business autonomously when the horses are on the pasture recuperating. The concept’s exterior is both minimalist and futuristic, with long rails on each side, two front wheels and a spherical wheel at the rear – while passengers ride in a large pod. Camal imagines the carriage 23 feet (7 meters) long, 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) wide and 6.6 feet (2 meters) tall. Inside, there’s a lavish treatment – four persons sit in pairs of huge, comfortable chairs.