The Chinese Government Operates Illegally Almost 20,000 Cars image

Last Friday, June 15th, the official task force held a conference in Beijing, concerning the proper use of government vehicles.

The officials found that 199,600 government cars in China are not being used in accordance with government guidelines. Authorities have already forwarded to provincial authorities across the country new policies concerning proper and legal use of government cars. Since the task force was set up, 949 cases of illegal usage were investigated, and 170 Party members were reprimanded.

Besides these new policies, China’s Ministry of Finance issued an old-for-new trade-in auto program for this year, aimed at reducing emissions and boost the slow auto market. The government will offer subsidies between 11,000 yuan (1,746 U.S. dollars) and 18,000 yuan to renovate the used heavy trucks, city buses and passenger vehicles in rural areas.

This program was first introduced in 2009, 6.41 billion yuan being offered in subsidies for the new car buyers, which spurred 49.6 billion yuan in new auto sales. But the economic slump and the removal of government incentives made the auto sales increase only 2.45%, to 18.5 million units in 2011, the slowest growth in the last 13 years.