The Cifu autonomous delivery drone concept is a “package” on wheels image

The prototype’s ultimate vision is for you to place your online order as usual and then the package will be delivered to your doorstep – well, driveway – by the Cifu autonomous delivery drone.

Time and time again we’re told the future is here – the future of autonomous driving, that is. Among the myriad of ideas, here’s a practical one: autonomous delivery drones. There’s one company in particular – Starship Technology – pushing for self-service package delivery via on-road electric self-driving delivery vehicles. Graphic artist Matteo Gentile of Italy used them as a reference and imagined Cifu, a cartoonish delivery drone designed for the real world. “The inspiration behind [it] was those robots in Wall-E,” comments Gentile. “Pixar style mixed with my knowledge in automotive design.”


The wheels and tires are specifically designed to cope with on-road stress, and have shock absorbers – just like in a real car. The minimalist, boxy design is meant to fit most small to medium-sized packages in a weather-proof environment. There are numerous cameras embedded in the design, and there’s also an LED display for customers. This project might remain just an idea, but companies such as Starship, Amazon, and others are still searching for the possibility of having real drones taking care of customer delivery.