The ColoRADo is now a 730-HP V8 Chevrolet Colorado prerunner image

Hard to believe after all the modifications, but under the bespoke body hides what was once not a hardcore off-roader, but a normal Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck.

Fans of the off-road scene know that vehicles make up just two categories in this segment – the ones in the hobby and the ones in the pro category. While we may be pretty farfetched calling the Colorado ZR2 a member of the former category, there’s no argument to the Roadster Shop’s prerunner belonging to the latter. Their prerunner take on the 2015 Chevy Colorado – let’s start and finish with the 730-horsepower figure. The Illinois-based company is actually not that known for building mighty off-roaders – but its 30,000 square-foot facility has all the right tools needed to partake in such endeavor.

The ColoRADo is now a 730-HP V8 Chevrolet Colorado prerunner 4

The ColoRADo only keeps the sheet metal for the cab and part of the bed original, while everything else has been created in-house. And we’re talking about the hand-welded frame, crazy body kit, or the truck’s high-flying suspension. It comes with Fox coilovers, with 22 inches and 27 inches of travel front/back. The 7.0-liter V8 has been positioned inside the chassis for better weight distribution and delivers the 730 horsepower through a four-speed automatic exclusively to the rear axle. Racing seats and the new digital display are the highlights inside.