The “Consumer” is not exactly your average concept car image

The latest creation of designer Joey Ruiter can technically be called a vehicle – since it has wheels – but we’re not going to be calling it a car any time soon.

Ruiter is the creator of the Reboot Buggy – an utterly elemental, futurist take on an off-roader is a good indicator of the design aesthetic of Joey Ruiter, generally speaking, with the idea behind his latest motoring project being “What happens when what you’re expecting isn’t there?” The Consumer is a modern and urban reenactment of transportation, though it truly defies any interpretation you might attribute to the modern car. The front end has a huge two-way mirror – surrounded by a wraparound air intake – that hides very bright LED lights. Some 54,000 lumens can come out of the hidden lights, as Ruiter says, it “consumes everything,” light, darkness, air, and space.


The geometric shape of the vehicle is very much an exercise – and if you don’t look careful enough to spot the wheels you might actually think the concept is hovering in mid air. One interesting thing is that below the concept car exterior there’s a functional vehicle with rather small dimensions for urban scenarios. It has a wheelbase around 90 inches, and an overall length of 135 inches, so it’s actually smaller than a Mini Cooper, for example.