The CXL trimaran, the World’s Largest comes with a Garage For Your McLaren MP4-12C image

Constructed in carbon fiber and fitted with retractable floats, the CXL trimaran concept is the biggest sailing Trimaran on waters and parks a McLaren MP4 inside.

Fully extended, the outer hulls stretch the yacht’s beam (width) to 75 feet, providing greater lateral stability than you’d see in a monohull craft of similar proportions.

Comparing her with a superyacht of the same length, the space inside the trimaran is enormous and can be fitted out more completely for longer stays on board; offering a spacious dining room, a lounge area, and three cabins with suite heads.

The CXL super yacht will come equipped with latest automated controls, high-speed internet and high-end entertainment systems like flat screen TV, audio and video on demand.

While the CXL normally uses wind power, it can be equipped with an optional hybrid system that has electric motors, lithium-ion batteries and, presumably, diesel engine-generators. It enables the 150 ton yacht to cruise at speeds up to 15 knots.

If all goes as planned, the construction will soon start at the TAMSEN MARITIM SHIPYARD in Rostock, Germany.