The DeLorean Is Back – As a bike! image

Attention “Back to the Future” fans. The legendary DeLorean badge is back! This time as a bike.

Marc Moore, a bicycle maker, has teamed up with Stephen Wynne, president of the new, Texas-based incarnation of DeLorean Motor—which plans next year to release electric versions of the iconic, gull-winged sedans from the 1980s—to introduce the DeLorean Bicycle.

The first model of the DeLorean bike will be the “Anyday”, an 11-speed bike with “luminescent” coated wheels that “appear to turn on” when lights shine on them. The Anyday’s auto counterpart fetched $25,000 in the early 1980s, and the bike is no bargain either.

This DeLorean revision will cost a — great Scott! — hefty $5,500.

The price is in line with its creators understanding that the DeLorean brand has often been an acquired taste. “It’s a bicycle that bike aficionados can look at and say, ‘Yes, that’s cool, and it’s got all of the right equipment on it,’” Wynne told Bloomberg Businessweek.