The Dendrobium is a hypercar from Singapore coming to Geneva image

The Geneva Motor Show is the well known annual gathering venue for all of the world’s exotic automakers – so no wonder yet another interesting apparition has set its mark on the show’s calendar.

Singapore can boast its first-ever homegrown hypercar, called the Dendrobium because they seem to like floral names – it’s a genus of orchids, and on the other hand plays in the increasingly crowded segment of electric hypercar start-ups. We’re getting the sense there’s a new niche in the making – electric supercars that have zero emissions and just as close times to 62 mph. But the Dendrobium is basically a futuristic take on the hypercar of today – and they might have named it after a spaceship without straying far from the truth. The roof and doors “open in a synchronized, theatrical manner, resembling a fully-opened dendrobium,” according to the company.

The two seater cockpit allegedly has the “world’s lowest carbon leather” – the hides come from Scottish maker Bridge of Weir that makes very green production. Vanda Electrics, the company bringing the project to life, has revealed the Geneva Motor Show car is a concept, so we’re not surprised about the “latest in e-powertrain development” mystery quote about the power provider. A plus is the brand has enlisted the help of Williams Advanced Engineering as a technical partner, so we’re a bit more positive about the model’s prospects of actually having a functioning powertrain.

The Dendrobium is a hypercar from Singapore coming to Geneva 0