According to Wolfgang Dürheimer, Audi’s responsible for research and development, the automaker’s vehicles will differ more in design from each other.

Audi’s sales are doing extremely well, with this year’s deliveries already exceeding those in 2011 with 12.7%. Nothing to complain regarding this matter. But there is still something that Audi isn’t too happy about. In its efforts to create a family look the company took things a little too far, creating models which are quite similar in design, especially when one looks from the front.

This fact is acknowledged even by Wolfgang Dürheimer, the ex-Bentley boss who since September is Audi’s board member responsible for research and development. No doubt the automaker’s models are “absolute eye-catchers,” but still, the criticism that they look too similar cannot be overlooked. Although the family look won’t be dropped out, Dürheimer will impose more courage to new lines.

“In the future, I will work with our designers to differentiate the ‘faces’ of our various model series even more”, Dürheimer told German publication AutoMotorundSport. “The customer of an A8 will, in the future, find details in his car that will fifer significantly from those on the A4 or the A6.”


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