The dream of making a million-dollar car image

The automotive industry has its mass-market models, premium cars, ultra-luxury offerings and the out of the world million dollars vehicles. Ultimately, any automotive startup usually targets that minuscule segment in their breakthrough dream.

For example, have you already seen Furious 7? If not, you should, because one perfect example (hint: the unbelievable tower to tower car jump stunt) is sitting smack in our faces. Let’s take that particular car as an example for a moment: it’s the Lykan HyperSport, $3.4 million worth of metal that can reach 240 mph and allows you to go anywhere comfortable that all eyes will be focused on the raptor-like front end. It’s also the first model coming from the W Motors company – it’s based in the Middle East, established in Beirut, with headquarters in Dubai. Yes, if it weren’t for the Fast and Furious move you probably would have never heard of it – but as it turns out it’s actually not the only utterly expensive car going far above the one million dollars price tag threshold.

From unknown producers such as the Zenvo and its ST1 model, to the likes of Ferrari, Bentley – actually any carmaker that entitles itself as a player in the “luxury” sector, has produced in the past decade at least one exemplary that would carry a seven-digit price tag. We have here examples such as diamond-studded models or supercars that are actually worthy of the expense – the idea behind is that all brands want to get there, and the means are utterly excusable. That’s because such price tags bring lofty profits and also because there are plenty of buyers for them. Bloomberg for example found during the first quarter more than three dozen new billionaires around the planet – with at least 300 discovered since 2012.

Via Automotive News