The drop of VW’ core brand sales in the US slightly softened in April image

Volkswagen’s brand reported a 9.7 percent drop in sales last month in the US market, the sixth consecutive decline, but the smallest one this year.

The demand for VW’s core models in the US has evidently been taking a downward path since Europe’s biggest automaker admitted in September it cheated on its emissions tests. The brand reported a drop in sales every single month starting with November 2015, but the report from April showed the smallest fall this year. Volkswagen said its monthly delivers totalled 27,112 units, 9.7 percent fewer vehicles than a year earlier, while the year-to-date loss is at 11.7 percent so far.

“We are pleased with the performance in our retail business, driven by vehicles like the Tiguan, GTI and Golf R,” Mark McNabb, chief operating officer, Volkswagen of America, said “While overall sales reflect a decline this is due, in large part, to an intentional decrease in fleet sales.”

Even if the Tiguan compact SUV produced its best April results with 3,519 vehicles delivered, a 53 percent increase over March 2015, sales figures were pushed down by an 8.6 percent decline for the Jetta range – the brand’s top-selling models – and by a 15 percent drop in demand for the mid-sized Passat sedan.

Volkswagen stopped selling most of its diesel-powered vehicles after the scandal broke out and it reported last month its biggest ever operating loss in a year, as it provisioned 16.2 billion euros for recalls and buybacks of the affected cars.